Light Iron LA in the Heart of Hollywood

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Our main facility near the intersection of Sunset & Vine includes three DI theaters, a TV Bay, a centralized server and network operations center, a quality assurance room, and comfortable client service spaces.

"The whole movie came together very fast, and I'd say it was definitely one of the better experiences I've had in postproduction in terms of attaining the goals we'd set up at the start."
Don Burgess, ASC, Director of Photography, Flight

"Ian is a true artist and a master of his craft, unafraid to push limits and defy conventions in order to discover something new and fresh and beautiful.  I've colored my last two films with him at Light Iron and can't imagine ever doing another one without him."
Destin Daniel Cretton, Director, Short Term 12

"We came for the superb facilities, unsurpassed expertise, and extreme creativity... but we stayed for the love!  Can’t thank you guys enough!"
Jas Shelton, Director of Photography, C.O.G.