Please welcome the world’s newest digital film stock. You’re going to like it.



The author trying to look cool at the Panavision/Light Iron press conference. Photo by Adam Wilt.

My invitation to a mysterious press event was nearly one of the biggest surprise announcements of the year. That morning Panavision showed their new camera, the Millennium DXL, to the ASC, and by early afternoon pictures of the camera had flooded Twitter and Instagram.  Panavision officially announced the camera by early afternoon as the cat was not only out of the bag but loudly playing bagpipes in the street outside the CineGear trade show, where Adam Wilt and I were setting up a booth for DSC Labs. The “surprise” press event that we’d signed up for the week before was no longer a surprise.
When I heard that this new 8K camera was a co-venture between RED and Panavision, my first thought was:

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