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by Panavision

  • Ultra light-weight frame
  • Modular design
  • Battery powered

Re-engineered for the next generation of production and post, the all new OUTPOST by Panavision is the most powerful mobile solution available for on-set or near-set integration.  Efficient workflow combines with flexible design to create a versatile system for any environment and every department.

From data management to video assist, sound, video village, or post production, OUTPOST is the first cart you design around your needs, your preferences, and your own gear.  Configure your equipment within custom OUTPOST modules, or detach these modules to take your gear where traditional carts can not go.  Embedded rails allow pre-cabled racks to quickly slide in or out.  The strong frame compactly folds for easy shipping in custom shock mounted fly packs.  Powered by standard camera batteries or house power, OUTPOST thrives in any production or post environment.

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OUTPOST Mobile Dailies

“The best part of the Light Iron system is that I watched dailies all day long – never having to stop and wait for anything, which keeps the pace and feedback going.” —Gavin Hood, Director, Ender’s Game

OUTPOST Delivers

When rented as a Light Iron on-set or near-set dailies package, you can leverage OUTPOST to:

  • Set and save color looks
  • Download media
  • Back-up in triplicate
  • Perform checksum verifications
  • Sync audio
  • Transcode faster than real-time
  • Create same-day editorial deliverables
  • Create marketing deliverables
  • Generate PIX, DAX, and streamable dailies
  • Power the Live Play 3 review system for iPad and desktop dailies
  • Deliver CDL and ACES looks from set to editorial to DI

Dailies Package Specs

Dailies packages are customized to each project’s needs, but generally include:

  • 2K or 4K monitoring
  • 20 input 20 output 4K compatible routing
  • Colorfront Express Dailies
  • Light Iron custom software package
  • 12 core MacPro processor, Dual AMD FirePro D700 graphics cards
  • Thunderbolt or SAS RAID storage
  • On-site training and on-going technical support
  • Serves Arri, Blackmagic, Canon, GoPro, JVC, Panasonic, Phantom, RED, and Sony workflows

Rent OUTPOST as a Dailies Package or as a Versatile Cart